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    Gallery through town
These are our displays through town for the commemorative events
  • St Bernards Primary School at The Remembrance Day Service
  • Graham Pember reading an emotional poem at Remembrance Day Service ‘Daddy’s Girl’
  • George Hope and Daisy Elliott KDHS’s Vice captains reading ‘In Flanders Field’ at Remembrance Day Service
  • St Bernards Primary School choir and The Southern Singers at Remembrance Day Service
  • Jeannie and James Kelly putting up the Wooden poppies done by St Bernards School children.
  • The children of Kojonup District High School pictured next to their fantastic poppy display along their fence line.
  • Kirsten Carrington-Jones sent this photo through of this display in her driveway! Awesome contribution.
    Hi-Way Sales have made some tin poppy sculptures which line their gateway, great addition to your garden.
    This is the official Cast of ‘Our Story About Love’ 2014.
    Sarah Burt in action playing Mrs Orla Thomas.
    Musical Director Alex Delling practicing with the Great Southern Singers.
    Great Southern Singers, the official Choir for ‘Our Story About Love’ 2014
    Great Southern Singers practicing for the play, ‘Our Story About Love’.
    Audrey Bell in action playing Nancy Thomas in the production ‘Our Story About Love’.
    Kate Clayton practicing for the play.
    Nick Trethowan and Chris Owen in character on stage.
    First World War exhibition showcases
    First World War exhibition showcases
    First World War exhibition showcases
    First World War exhibition showcases
    Great performances from both school choirs at the opening.
    Great turn out from the community and passersby for the opening of the RSL exhibition.
    RSL memorial- Lest We Forget
    Arthur Collins president of Kojonup Historical Society saying his part at the RSL opening
    Big effort by Barbara Hobbs who was the researcher and coordinator of the RSL exhibition.
    James Dexter a special guest at the RSL opening from WA museums
    Ronnie Fleay President of Kojonup giving her speech at the RSL exhibition opening.
    Frank Pritchard member of the RSL and Shire Councillor giving his speech at the RSL exhibition launch.
    Graham Pember giving his speech at the RSL exhibition opening as President of the RSL Kojonup Branch.
    DR. Bill Edgar- author and historian, officially opening the RSL First World War exhibition ‘Remembering Them’
    A gorgeous close up of a poppy outside the RSL Hall
    NAB’s Poppy Display
    Wooden ava Cloo doing a different type of poppy display. The wooden poppies look great.
    Another display of Poppies outside the Butchers.
    Anna’s beautiful garden. The poppies are breathtaking.
    Another striking poppy sculpture display by the children at Kojonup District High School
    This banner was designed and created by Kerrie Cribb
    This banner was designed and created by Sonya Koster
    This banner was designed and created by Kojonup District High school- Dana Knopka, Sophie Clarke, Emma Koster and Kiera Trowbridge
    This banner was designed and created by Craig Mcvee
    Rehearsals well underway and everything is looking fabulous.
    Thank you to the Mens shed for volunteering to do the set for ‘Our Story About Love’
    Thank you to Sonya Koster for doing a fantastic job on the signs in and out of Kojonup
    The girls and KDHS painting their banners to go up in the main street
    A gorgeous display of poppies on the windows of Jones Road Emporium
    Volunteers- Maing Poppies for a display
    Kojonup Bakery- Garn tidied up for the plating of Poppies
    Jane Trethowan- Beatiful Sculpture, cant wait to see the Poppies
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